Our Mission
Stealth All-Stars is a competitive cheerleading program determined to teach the value of
team and the importance of family.  We look for athletes and their families, who support
cheerleading 100%.  Our cheerleaders respect their team mates, coaches, and other
opposing teams and will only display a positive attitude during all practices and
competitions.  We want our cheerleaders to strive for personal excellence, while we try to
enhance each athlete’s self-esteem by showing unconditional belief and support for their
accomplishment, both on and off the mat.  We stand apart by being highly successful
without sacrificing sportsmanship or integrity, we hope to build character and strengthen
the values that are taught at home. We uplift and empower our athletes by providing quality
instructors and exceptional role models.  We are able to accomplish our mission by
continually striving to become better coaches, parents and fans.