Soar In Season 4!​​

Parent Handbook

The 2019-2020 season will be the 4th for Stealth. 

Everyone makes a team!

We will be holding our final registration and evaluation on May 25th from 9am-12pm! If this date does not work for you, you can schedule a private evaluation by sending us an email with your name, number, and age of the athlete being evaluated. There will be a $30 evaluation fee due at the time of the private evaluation.

2019-2020 Teams will be shared here on June 1st! Stay tuned!

Teams for Stealth run year-round with an annual renewal. We offer a team for every athlete ages 3+. The teams are level-based and each athlete will be placed on the team the athlete is most prepared for.

Registration for teams will run from March through mid-April of each year. Late Registration fees apply.

Sibling and refer-a-friend discounts will be applied to monthly tuition.

We use the descriptions (see navigation tab to left) of tumbling during our evaluation week as a guidline for every girl at the begining of each cheer season. Athletes are not required to have the below skills and will sometimes be placed on teams based on equally important skill sets, including, but not limited, to stunting and prior experience. Evaluations for team placement will run every May. After this, we kick off our season with level appropriate training to prepare for future choreography. 


  1. Level 3

    Standing back hand-spring series, round-off back hand-spring tuck series, *punch front.

  2. Level 2

    Back walk-over back hand-spring, standing back hand-spring, round-off back hand-spring series tumbling.

  3. Level 5​​

    standing hand-spring full, round-off back hand-spring full series, *specialty skills through full.

  4. Level 4​​

    Standing tuck, standing hand-spring tuck series, round-off back hand-spring layout series, *punch front.

  5. Level 1

    Forward roll, backward roll, back bend kick-over, cartwheel, round-off, *front walk-over, *back walk-over.

  6. Novice

    ****This is a team designed for our youngest athletes who are just starting out. Athletes are not required to have any specific skill sets.****